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This identity is for a series of premium craft beers from the fine brewers at Kelsen Brewing Company. Specializing in experimental sours and barrel-aged brews, we wanted to give the Cryptic brand an air of intrigue that lives up to its name.


Cryptic Logo Dark Cryptic Logo Lock Dark

The logo comes in both Key and Lock variants.

Cryptic Bottles 2

standard label

Cryptic Label Nocturne Cryptic Label Faded Cryptic Label Hypnotize Cryptic Label Luminous

We aimed for a standardized label design that can be used across the entire series over time. A contrast of matte and metallic finishes gives it a unique look.

barrel-aged label

Barrel-Aged Labels

A second label design was created for Cryptic's new line of Barrel-Aged beers.

...and a spooky variant was made for a special Halloween release.

Cryptic Bottles 3

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